How to Select the RIGHT Software Partner

July 12, 2017

Selecting a software solution provider has a major impact on the day-to-day activities of any organization, therefore it’s important you make the right choice. Many times this equates to institutional change on how your organization does business.  


All too often, software is purchased and rarely used to its full capacity or barely utilized at all. Choosing a partner that can help your colleagues become enthusiastic about improved processes is integral. To do so, this partner needs to truly understand your business, your pain points and the problems you’re looking to solve. 


1. User-Friendliness and Short Learning Curves

It all starts with a user-friendly application. An intuitive and simple user interface allows users to work faster and will give them the confidence to navigate through the different functionalities without the fear of "breaking something". Each module should have the same look and feel with buttons and drop downs being in the expected places for each module.


New users can be trained faster if they are familiar with the basic layout and interface of the solution. A shorter training period means that additional users can be added to the system, without months of training. This saves a lot of time and adds flexibility to the project. 


The easier and faster the solution is implemented, the more likely it is that users will pick it up quickly and even become advocates of the new software. 


2. Innovation & Results

As a business professional you start to realize that if you’re standing still you’re actually going backwards. The same holds for your software solution. It’s important to make sure your software provider is investing in its own solution. A reliable software solution partner will provide updates, new features and modules at regular times.


They should be nimble. This way they are able to keep up with the ever-changing requirements in your specific industry and support your future business advancements. 


An innovative software developer will get the most out of new technologies, allowing you to stay on top of your game.


The following are some questions you should ask to make sure you’ll realize demonstrable results from their solution: 

  • Will their solution provide me with a functional or financial advantage or both?

  • Is the functionality standard or customized? 

  • Are the tools designed for customers like you? 

  • Are they open for suggestions? 

  • Is customization to your unique processes available and at what cost? 

  • Does the out-of-the box solution fulfill my immediate needs? 


3. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT: Experience in YOUR Industry

The most important factor that can make or break a successful relationship with your software solutions provider is understanding and communication. A successful implementation can only be achieved if the two parties understand each other. You and your partner need to be on the same page. Find a partner that is specialized in your line of business, who knows and understands your pains and business challenges. 


When talking to an industry-specialized partner, you don’t have to explain your business processes. This saves a lot of time. Moreover, a sector specialist will be able to provide you with a standardized software solution that’s tailored to your sectors specific needs from the start. This allows for a seamless integration and implementation with existing processes and protocols.  


After all, a good partner should be more than just a solutions provider. They should keep up with industry trends and think along with you to coach you through your future business endeavors and challenges. Find a partner that can offer an industry standard solution that can be further customized to your specific needs and requirements for little to no additional costs. If the system is designed for your industry, there should not be a substantial amount of change management resulting in unforeseen costs before you even launch the solution. 


Your solutions provider should not be concerned with being a little something to everyone. Find a partner that wants to be everything to someone. That someone being YOU. 


Ecotrak Facility Management software is designed by restaurant industry professionals for restaurant industry professionals. Our team has a combined 100+ years of restaurant experience from operations to facilities to development and service delivery. We know restaurants and we want to help. 







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